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Nicolas Dreyfus created Tray Gourmet in November 1981 to create a French Catering company supplying companies and individuals with a catering service which was geared to our customers needs and budget.

In 1991, Nicolas opened a French Delicatessen, adding to his love of cooking and the love of French Delicatessen and French Cheese as he was in a previous live in the UK one of the first to introduce French Cheese to the market representing one of the largest French Cheese company Bongrain in the Uk from 1977 to 1989..

After 26 years as a caterer and some 50  years in the food industry, Nicolas has a huge amount of knowledge and having sort of retired his happy to help other food companies and catering companies to help them in their venture.

I have been helping and working closely with a bagel company and a French Brasserie Restaurant for the past 2 years and I am open to discuss ad hoc help with other catering or restaurants who are in need of ponctual help.

Nicolas has a great knowledge not only on food, supply and quality but has also created years ago a Food Costing Software to help get the figures as accurate as possible to work on food cost and margin which will make the company sustainable.